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Dream Lashes are here!


 New Magic Adhesive Eyeliner & Lashes $45 

Do you have a difficult time applying your false lashes? Imagine a magic eyeliner that makes your lashes stay in place all day!

Dream Lashes and Magic Eyeliner are the new fashion trends for 2020. If you have struggled with applying lashes in the past, this is your solution to having beautiful eyelashes quickly, easily, and painlessly. Just apply Magic Eyeliner (just like your regular eyeliner) and then place the lashes directly on the eyeliner. Finally, customize your lash look with easy-on, easy-off reusable eyelashes using Dream Lashes and Magic Eyeliner.

 No Glue/No Magnets ~ Long Lasting up to 12 hours ~ Apply eyelashes in seconds ~ Over 20 to 30 wears Smudge & waterproof ~ Pass cosmetics safety test 

Complete your everyday beauty look with our "Date Me" and "Marry Me" lash styles. 

Eyeliner Available  in Black or Clear  

To order yours email [email protected] or  text 480-326-4144